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Ipfoxi has constructed a substantial marketplace that converges diverse businesses & potential clients. Our streamlined, persuasive, and promising ecosystem is prominent for enabling simplified IP monetization as well as leasing.

Readily acquire access to our IPv4 & IPv6 marketplace that incorporates automated tools & dedicated support for accommodating all your demands & necessities.

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Manage Your IP As per your Need

Obtain a full automation stack under our IP address lease and monetization marketplace that guarantees high accessibility & creative solutions for every business.

IP Monetization

With our dedicated platform, you get the opportunity to yield maximum value from your unused IP addresses. This further enables you to expand your income while our expert team takes responsibility for other aspects.

IP Leasing

Purchasing IPs is not the only solution. You can easily lease IP which actually facilitates you to scale your business while optimizing expenses. Under Ipfoxi, you acquire the liberty to determine your IP lease period from a single month to many years.

Ipfoxi Services

Become a part of the Ipfoxi marketplace to gain a seamless experience with a fully automated IP address setup and excellent services.

Monetize Ips

IP monetization is considered an act of employing intellectual property (IP) for inducing revenue. Diverse industries possessing superior skills & capabilities, ranging from sports to education, monetize IP in various ways.

Datacenter proxies

Similar to any other proxy, a data center proxy serves as gateway software between a website to be visited & the device accessing the internet, which substitutes the access point's IP address with the temporarily rented one.


Registered under an ISP, an ISP proxy is a go-between IP address the data center hosts, which further integrates the data center proxies' speed & the residential proxies' anonymity.

Lir Services

With the LIR’s managed services, you obtain easy access to resources from all five Regional Internet Registries. Further, you get the right to upload, lease, and monetize IP addresses without requiring any external LIR account, which makes things simple and quick.


A lease averts unused clients from acquiring IP addresses when there are certainly more clients than addresses while letting the administrator make configuration modifications on the network within a time limit.

Best Features of Ipfoxi

With our prime automation support, productively lease or monetize IPs without a difficulty.

IP Geolocation

DNS Management

IP Address Management

Abuse Management

Automated LOA And ROA

Managed RPKI

IP Geolocation

With our most advanced geolocation tools, the precise locations can be assessed when it comes to IP location identification under IP management.

Employing geolocation options, you can effectively get command over your web traffic.

DNS Management

Ipfoxi strives to empower your business with its advanced DNS management tools. We enable the easy & enhanced administration of leased resources with the help of broad-based backing for DNS delegation.

IP Address Management

We ensure the complete and reliable management of IP assets from LACNIC to APNIC, integrating real-time high-grade monitoring tools.

This allows you to invest more time & focus on the advancement and integrity of your business.

Abuse Management

Our progressive management team operates round-the-clock to assure the prevention of any instance of abuse.

With cutting-edge automation tools & assistance, we take responsibility for dissuading forgery, spam, and further instances of IP abuse.

Automated LOA And ROA

Ipfoxi has streamlined the procedure of acquiring a Letter of Authorizations in order to add IP resources to our platform.

We run automated authentication tools that relieve our clients’ exertions and intensify resource handling.

Managed RPKI

The certificate issuance is simplified with Ipfoxi highly evolved RPKI services. This enables you to have minimized the RPKI management practices and limit all your hassle.

How To Buy, Sell & Transfer Ipfoxi Addresses

Selling Ipfoxi Addresses

Discover how we tend to simplify the strategy of Ipfoxi addresses transfer

Buying Ipfoxi Auctions

Learn how uncomplicated it is to buy IPv4 addresses varying from /24 up to /12s

Buying Ipfoxi Auctions

Learn how uncomplicated it is to buy IPv4 addresses varying from /24 up to /12s

Buying Ipfoxi Auctions

Find out how easy it is to purchase IPv4 addresses ranging from /24 up to /12s

Selling Ipfoxi Addresses

Learn how we streamline and simplify the process of transferring Ipfoxi addresses

Selling Ipfoxi Addresses

Learn how we streamline and simplify the process of transferring Ipfoxi addresses

Use Cases

Being the spine of the Internet world, IPs lets you strengthen the value and amplify the efficiency of your business.

Web Scraping

Accumulating a large volume of web data brings up challenges. Dodge CAPTCHAs, avoid getting blocked by sites and eliminate other obstructions by employing multiple IPs for sending web requests.

SEO Monitoring

Gather outcomes from diverse search engines in order to examine website traffic & keywords. Monitor your competitors and how your content enacts regionally without getting blocked.

Ad Verification

Assure that your ads reach your target audience with real-time ad intelligence. Inspect if your ads do not contain any click fraud while optimizing your campaigns.

Social Media

Comprehend the online behavior of your audience by scrutinizing follows, comments, & likes. Optimize your campaign region-wise while accumulating the data you require.

Market Research

Study and analyze market trends by gathering data from forums, social media hashtags, review articles, influencers, comments, and search keywords for constructing better marketing strategies.

Travel Data Aggregation

Enhance your pricing technique by examining tourism, hotel, and flight data. Moreover, accumulate details regarding your clients' travel choices, and anticipate the upcoming travel hotspots.

Price Monitoring and Tracking

Monitor the prices set by your competitors over their various sales channels to get insights into stock, delivery times, promotions, and shipping. This helps you determine your pricing process & optimize your sales.

Review Monitoring

Track online reviews concerning your & your competitors’ products in order to sustain influencing web presence & intensify your strategies. This review monitoring enables you to do your homework appropriately.


Ensure prevention from malware & cyber-attacks even when browsing the Internet anonymously. Also, acquire ultimate security against unauthorized access to your business' network as well as devices.

Brand Security

Prevent your ads from getting displayed on phishing sites. Additionally, obtain details on possible trademark infringement or domain name misuse. Stop fraudsters from delivering misleading facts based on your IP address.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Make sure you have the information regarding whether you possess the apt amount of stock to satisfy customer demand or not. Never miss the sight of any element of the whole process, from order and transit to order fulfillment.

App Development

Assure that you own the right company’s application network addresses. This further enables you to boost high-level security & dissuade unauthorized users from tampering with the application segments stored within the network.


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