LIR Services

We offer the most promising professional LIR services that guarantee quick and effortless IP management across all RIRs. Readily lease, upload, and monetize IP addresses without any hassle.

What is LIR Services?

LIR services are the Local Internet Registry services that enable you to explore as well as access the advantages of IP management. We help you obtain the most steadfast and competent LIR services. You can also easily grab the opportunity to register your assets swiftly and efficiently.

Managed LIR services in all RIRs

Smooth IP administration & management across all RIRs is made attainable by proficient LIR services.

Managed LIR

You get the possibility to attain IP asset management, routing services, and announcement without any authorized LIR membership under Ipfoxi managed LIR services. We let you take the advantage of speedy & uncomplicated IP address leasing, administration, and monetization across all five RIRs

Further, our team of experts makes sure to level with the continually revising policies for guaranteeing you a hassle-free experience.

IPv4 & IPv6 resources

Ipfoxi serves as a profitable marketplace for the platform of dedicated IP address lease as well as monetization.

You can easily obtain support for unused IPv4 and IPv6 resources. IPv4 and IPv6 addresses assigned in your LIR account can be managed effectively with full automation. We further sustain all RIRs and retain a great experience & expertise regarding their policies.

BGP management

Our BGP management enables you to relocate the IP address space throughout our network for scaling your business constructively. There are stern RPKI verification standards incorporated into our BGP administration policies.

With RPKI execution, we tend to eradicate human error while assuring secure and formative BGP routing.

Benefits of RIR Member

Straightforward and Standard Procedure

You are not required to go through the complex procedure of acquiring IP addresses from the IP transfer market.

Much Lower Cost

We offer as low as 1/10 of the fee for obtaining the IP addresses from the transfer market. You can have the IPs as your asset to yield high revenue.

Riskless IP Source

We allocate the IP addresses directly from the RIR. This prevents the IP addresses from the risks of hijackers and blacklisting.

Why Choose Us Ipfoxi?

End-to-End IP Solution

You receive extensive support from the beginning of the IP assignment to the end under our services.

IP Address Planning

We provide a service agreement that will provide you the assurance of IP address supply security and decided service term cost while accommodating your long-term business demands.

Steady support 24x7

Our team of highly experienced and skilled IP professionals remains available 24/7/ to provide ongoing management service and dedicated support.

AS number allocation

We are a scornful member of RIPE NCC with an LIR status, which eliminates the necessity to gain Local Internet Registry membership for dedicated LIR customers & clients. Ipfoxi takes complete charge of assigning ASNs while complying with the rigid RIPE NCC policies to secure transparency and efficiency in the services.

IPv6 allocation

There is no obligation for you to attain the LIR status in order to allocate IPv6 addresses. Our LIR services connect you to specialists who operate at the forefront to handle your resources in the most worthwhile way. Our dedicated LIR services help you avoid the expensive as well as time-consuming process of becoming an LIR.

RIR unification

Regional Internet Registries obey individual policies that are quite rigorous and supposed to be followed diligently. Ipfoxi has gained membership in all five RIRs. Thus, we operate with evolving policies and laws in place. Further, we easily navigate the RIR world persuasively with intelligent automation & a global reservoir of IP addresses.

The Process of RIR Membership Management

Step 1

Contact Ipfoxi

Connect with us anytime and inform us about your interest in registering RIR membership management service.

Step 2


Our support team of professionals will guide you towards registering the membership at selected Regional Internet Registries (RIR).

Step 3


As soon as the registration is done, our team will further help you with the RIR membership management and keep you updated on the status of your membership.

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