Leasing IPv4

The intermediary web servers, popularly called proxies fall into three different classifications: data center, residential, & ISP. ISP proxies are affiliated with an internet service provider and can be easily apprehended as an assortment of data center & residential proxies.

Cost to Leasing IPv4


IPs: 256

$180 / month

Letter of authorization included. Anywhere global routing, geolocation updates, DNS delegation, IRR, RPKI, Whois updates.


IPs: 512

$370 / month

Letter of authorization included. Anywhere global routing, geolocation updates, DNS delegation, IRR, RPKI, Whois updates.


IPs: 1,024

$600/ month

Letter of authorization included. Anywhere global routing, geolocation updates, DNS delegation, IRR, RPKI, Whois updates.


IPs: 2,048

$950/ month

Letter of authorization included. Anywhere global routing, geolocation updates, DNS delegation, IRR, RPKI, Whois updates.


IPs: 4,096

$2200/ month

Letter of authorization included. Anywhere global routing, geolocation updates, DNS delegation, IRR, RPKI, Whois updates.

What you can expect with our IP Renting Service?

When we say we are a rent IP address provider, it, in fact, implies that we are a registered LIR (a member of RIRs). When you lease IP address space from our services, you temporarily acquire control over a portion of our IP addresses through the LoA. Here are the incredible qualities or attributes you receive with Ipfoxi services!

Buying or Leasing an IP Address?

The response to the question of whether one should buy or lease an IP address depends entirely on your necessities and resources. This is because both renting as well as purchasing IP addresses come with their own benefits & drawbacks. Thus, it is necessary for you to speculate on the needs of certain factors such as building equity, acquiring more control, attaining mobility & flexibility at the least possible cost pricing, etc.

Purchase IP address Space?

The members from RIPE NCC and ARIN get the chance to acquire “recovered IPv4 address space,.” However, it is not a easy process as it sounds. You first need to get the membership of Local Internet Registry (LIR), become eligible to request (which is a difficult task), sign up for a waiting list, and wait until you receive approval in order to have your hands on a /24-block. This is certainly not a
reasonable solution. Further, other RIRs that possess free IPs that are available have intensive due persistence on who obtains them when, and how many IP addresses are supposed to get delivered.

What are your choices?

You still get the possibility to purchase IPv4s from third-party companies (LIRs) that have the authority over the IPs or brokers., i.e., the entities continually seeking IP address blocks that have been assigned by an RIR (or LIR) but are not in use. Consequently, the brokers come up with these blocks into the marketplace and negotiate between buyer & seller.

The primary downside of purchasing IP address blocks is the expense.

The initial cost of buying them is typically high. And, the prices further increase with time. On the other hand, a fundamental benefit you
get after purchasing the IP addresses is you get more power over them. This helps you to avoid going to a third party anytime you need to reroute traffic. Buying IP space:

  • Makes you go through a cumbersome, costly, and extremely slow process
  • Gives you complete control over your IP address.

Lease IP address Space?

When you lease an IP address, you get to skip the whole slow as well as a complex process of attaining IP address space. In addition to this, you are not needed to spend an initial hefty amount for acquiring the IP address. Also, you get the option to step back without any substantial losses whenever you need.

In case you are constructing a new ISP, likely the suitable move for you is to purchase a lot of IP address blocks, lots of them. However, if you are seeking a few hundred (or thousands) of IPv4s for a period of a couple of months or years, the most profitable approach is to lease them from an LIR provider.

Leasing an IP space:

  • Lets you go through the quick and straightforward process.
  • Helps you spend the least possible initial amount.
  • Makes you require a Letter of Authorization (LoA) or permit to advertise your new IPs.

Lease IPs Address Space: The Benefits.

Most of the time it is not worthwhile to acquire a new IPv4 block by becoming a member of an RIR or a Local Internet Registry (LIR). Typically, the network services' end users obtain the IP addressing space from LIRs. You can infer that the most prevalent LIRs are ISPs. In order to become an LIR, you are required to present a request to your RIR, open a ticket, and at last wait for its approval. It is quite likely that you are moved back & forth for a period of a few months without even getting the information about whether you are obtaining the approval or not.

You can easily figure out the one fact that we actually have a scarcity of IP addresses. Further, IPv4 pools from RIRs are becoming vacant. Therefore, there is a very low possibility of receiving IPv4 space.This is why one of the most reasonable reasons to lease IP address space is to sidestep the entire cumbersome procedure of becoming an LIR.

Other Key Benefits of Leasing IP Address Space

Renting from direct owners One can lease IP address space from a broker. However, renting from a direct owner helps you save resources, money, and considerable time. Invloving no middleman enables you to havea a quicker & cheaper IP leasing process.

Dodge blacklisting with your dedicated IPsThere is a possibility that domain names may share a single IP with other domains, especially under services such as an app or website hosting. In this case, when the neighbor (with whom your IP is shared) induces bad traffic & gets into the blacklisting, your domain will also face the blacklist. However, you can prevent your domain from blacklisting by leasing clean & dedicated IPs.

Get extensive IPv6 address space & begin migrating It is high time to give a thought about IPv6 migration due to the lack of IP addresses, basically IPv4. The only path to begin your migration to IPv6 is a small-medium IPv4 address block.

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FAQs of IP Leasing

IPv4 leasing serves as a swift and inexpensive way for your business to acquire access to an IP block without the requirement of actually purchasing the outright. In order to lease IPv4 address space, you just have to pay a specified fee every month for employing the needed IPv4 addresses.

You are required to share your firm details, email address, and ASN for acquiring the lease of IPv4 addresses. Once this is done, we tend to share a leasing agreement that has to be signed. Upon agreement, the LOA is forwarded from our end, which you can then supply to your upstream provider. And finally, you get to access your IPv4 address space within 24 hours as soon as you make the first payment.

Yes, absolutely! You can easily lease IPv4 address space with a vast range of available IPv4 blocks. A legally binding agreement backs up every rental, which is signed by both parties. Renting IPv4 addresses comes with the complete support and approval of all RIRs.

Leasing IP is extremely appealing because of its numerous benefits, the first & foremost being the low cost. It enables you to acquire authority over an IP address for a particular period without spending any significant expenses.
The IPv4 allocations are administered and managed by Regional Internet Registries (RIR). Since there is an intense scarcity of available IPs, one is required to come up with a persuasive justification for his/her IP necessity during the purchase. It is indeed a tricky procedure. Whereas ownership transfers, especially between RIRs, is a time-consuming procedure as well.
On the other hand, leasing IPs does not involve any change in ownership. Thus, you can readily dodge all the tricky and time taking processes. IP allocation becomes much faster & effective during leasing. Moreover, you get the right to determine your leasing period. This further makes the whole process favorably cost-efficient. Leasing IP also liberates you from the concerns of network management.